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Very well thought out and given some expert realization into the world and possible ancient elements this piece really does pose an interesting point and another view that does good for the thought on lore. I love the coloration of each elemental host and they each truly do appear to fit their element well overall I am highly impressed and hope for more of this type of caliber from you in the future. The tone of the piece is also something to find interesting as Luna and Celestia stand there in grimy dirt and each other element looks at them as though they have known them from long ago. Doctor Whooves is truly the one that draws the eye to him as you believe it to be him from the start but in all accuracy it could have been a different character just a same style of design but using him as the element of Loyalty fits perfectly. The next host to draw your eye is Surprise which I truly do enjoy the main concept I can think of is death from surprise which while humorous is also a very good thought on who would be the best host for the ancient element. Each of the other character also draw the eye and are pleasing I think the color choice on each was perfect. If I could change one thing I would only think that Fenix armor while amazing and I may just be picky but from the form I believe the use of a different armor type would have proven better. However even with that small thought I still find this piece to be highly above average and if I dare say even at the Expert level. Please do bring more work of this type to us all soon.
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